Professor Joel Negin
University of Sydney

Joel  is the Head of the Sydney School of Public Health, a social scientist and lead investigator on the Centre for Health Security WISH Fiji project. His research focuses on health systems strengthening in low- and middle-income countries and he has worked extensively in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. [Full biography]


Dr Aaron Jenkins
University of Sydney

Aaron is an ecologist and infectious diseases researcher with expertise in wetland management, international development, reefs and sustainable fisheries. He has worked with international and regional agencies, governments and NGOs in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and other Indo-Pacific countries. [Full biography]


Professor Pierre Horwitz
Edith Cowan University

Pierre is Director of the Centre for Ecosystem Management and his research and teaching have focussed on the relationships between global biodiversity, culture and human health and well-being. He has a particular interest in wetlands and water resource management in Australia and internationally. [Full biography]


Dr Jacqueline Thomas
The University of Sydney

Jacquie is a lecturer in the School of Civil Engineering with expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) and microbiology. She has led applied WaSH research programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Pacific and leads the field work and laboratory components of the WISH Fiji project. [Full biography]

Timoci Tuinakelo Naivalulevu
Fiji National University

Timoci (Jim) is a conservation scientist and the WISH Fiji Project Manager and Upper Navua/Namosi catchment coordinator. He leads the WISH Fiji field work, international and local stakeholder engagement in Fiji. He also leads the community consultation process enabling design and implementation of appropriate WISH Fiji interventions.

Dr Sangeeta Mangubhai
Wildlife Conservation Society

Sangeeta is the Director for Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji and an expert in marine science and conservation. Her interests include marine protected areas, community-based management of coastal fisheries, gender inclusion and environmental policy. Sangeeta is the WCS Project Manager for WISH Fiji and responsible for local program implementation. [Full biography]

Dr Stacy Jupiter
Wildlife Conservation Society

Stacy is the Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society Melanesia Program. She is recognised globally for her research demonstrating the links between land use and downstream water quality and coral reef impacts, as well as her work in sustainable coastal fisheries and developing platforms to assess Pacific ecosystems resilience. [Full biography]

Kinikoto Mailautoka  
Fiji National University

Kinikoto is and environmental scientist with qualifications in Ocean Resource Management and extensive experience in community engagement. He is a WISH Fiji Catchment Coordinator who leads activities in the Waibula sub-catchment area. He has also led major water quality implementation initiatives for WISH Fiji in Namosi, Bureta and other districts.

Vilisi Naivalulevu
Fiji National University

Vilisi is a WISH Fiji Catchment Coordinator who leads project work in the Dawasamu sub-catchment. She holds qualifications in environmental science and has expertise in climate change mitigation and technology needs assessments (TNA). Vilisi is a strong advocate for inclusion of women, youth and traditional knowledge in government decision-making.


Kelera Tuisova Naivalu
Fiji National University

Kelera joined WISH Fiji as Project Administration Officer in 2019 and is now a WISH Fiji Catchment Coordinator. She has qualifications in Public Health and knowledge of the environmental and social determinants of health and public health responses to infectious diseases. Kelera is experience in community engagement, project management and implementation planning.

Professor Donald Wilson
Fiji National University

Donald is Director of the Fiji Institute of Pacific Health Research and Associate Dean of Research at FNU. He is a public health physician and has expertise in environmental epidemiology. Donald leads the local educational and workforce capacity building initiatives of WISH Fiji. He also has a strong interest in policy development for combating water-related diseases. [Full biography]

Nabeela Nasim
University of Sydney

Nabeela is a qualified environmental and civil engineer and WISH Fiji PhD student investigating water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in rural highland communities of Fiji and Timor Leste. Nabeela is passionate about developing engineering solutions to eliminate risks associated with WASH infrastructure and building inclusive and resilient communities.