WISH Fiji watershed interventions are implemented following consultation with village committees and in partnership with Fiji local authorities and WISH project staff.¬†The team provide training in management of water resources and development of ecological interventions to the next generation of health systems leaders, leading to sustainable¬†improvements in the health and environment of rural communities. ¬†Inclusive decision-making processes involving government and local communities are key to ensuring long-term and effective management of Fiji’s watershed environments, improved sanitation and reduction of water-related diseases such as typhoid, leptospirosis and dengue.

To date, evidence-based WISH Fiji watershed interventions have included:

    • co-design and installation of clean drinking water piping and water tank in Naqarawai village [Read more]
    • updated water sanitation and safety plans (WSSPs) for each of the 16 WISH Fiji communities [Read more]
    • governance review and recommendation for representation on village water committees
    • installation of critical drinking water infrastructure in Bureta sub-catchment [Read more]
    • water sanitation and hygiene audits and upgrades to pit latrines
    • borehole rehabilitation in Tavulomo Village [Read more]