Water Intervention in Naqarawai Village

Recent clean water infrastructure works in Naqarawai Village was the first large-scale WISH Fiji intervention for Namosi. This initiative improves the community’s water supply and reduces the risk of water-borne infections. [Read more]

WISH Fiji Reduced Water-Related Disease Risk; Facilitates Access to Cleaner Water 

Through a systems approach to watershed management, the Watershed Interventions for Systems Health in Fiji (WISH Fiji) project has provided access to cleaner quality water for over 5,000 residents and has helped reduce the risk of water-related disease in 29 communities across five watersheds in Fiji.

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Improving water quality and human health

 In April 2021, the districts of Namosi, Wainikoroiluva, Veinuqa and Naqarawai gathered for two days of catchment management training and to identify actions to better manage their natural water sources. [Read more]

Forests for the good health of Fijians

Many Fijians have a strong cultural connection with forests. Healthy forests provide multiple services people cannot do without: watershed protection, erosion control and climate regulation at the local, regional and continental scale. [Read more] 

Post-cyclone water quality assessment training

WISH Fiji partnered with Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services health inspectors to conduct a five-day refresher training in Northern Division to strengthen water quality assessment capacity in communities post-natural disasters. [Read more]

Water supply in Bureta District communities

“For the first time in over two decades, we received a continuous supply of water during Christmas and this was a blessing,” said Salanieta Kilibau of Naviteitei village. WISH Fiji assists improved water supply in Bureta communities. [Read more]

Strengthening partnership in Fiji

MoU between Wildlife Conservation Society Fiji and Ministry of Agriculture to support sustainable land use plan and enhance long-term WISH Fiji partnerships. [Read more]

Improved water and sanitation safety plans

WISH Fiji has led the implementation of updated water and sanitation safety plans in rural communities to reduce the impacts of water-related infectious disease risks. [Read more]

Borehole rehabilitation in Dama and Bua

The repairing of a borehole in Tavulomo Village in the district of Dama in Bua Province has brought safe drinking water to more than 180 people. [Read more]

WISH Fiji pioneers FNU’s Higher Degree by Research

Four WISH Fiji catchment coordinators commence research degrees at Fiji National University (FNU), undertaking projects in LTDD and watershed management. [Read more]

WISH Fiji an exemplar in Planetary Health

The Planetary Health Alliance showcased WISH Fiji amongst the top 10 global case studies of planetary health in practice for our work in understanding and ameliorating typhoid. [Read more]

Reducing LTDD risk after tropical cyclone Yasa

The staff of WISH Fiji joined the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to clean the premises of St. Giles Hospital in Suva and remove the potential for dengue and other infectious diseases. [Read more]

Baseline data collection in five sub-catchments

The WISH Fiji team completed baseline data collection in give sub-catchments areas  to identify environmental and societal factors contributing to LTDD infection risk in rural Fiji. [Read more]

Healthy watersheds, healthy coral reefs

What you see on a coral reef at any given time represents an integrated history of environmental conditions resulting from natural and human-influenced processes. [Read more]